Festive fruit for the 4th? A must! I’m all about ramping up the patriotic spirit with low calorie yummies (especially with bathing suit season upon us) and believe it or not these fruit kebabs and coconut spritzers are so easy and tasty your guests will surely come back for seconds, so be prepared!

What you’ll need for the fruit kebabs: fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, low calorie angel food cake, skewers and low fat vanilla yogurt for dipping.

Prep the fruit by washing and drying. Cube the angle food cake and start constructing those festive 4th kebabs and start dipping!

What you’ll need for coconut spritzers:
Parrot bay coconut rum (for a healthy non-alcoholic alternative use ZICO water), diet sprite, berry seltzer, fresh blueberries, strawberries, ice, straws for sipping!

Combine 1/3 coconut rum or zico water, 1/3 diet sprite, 1/3 berry seltzer some fresh berries and ice, mix and start sipping!

I hope you enjoy these almost guilt free indulgences just as much me and last, but not least, have a happy and safe Independence Day! Happy Birthday ‘Merica!