In our home, tradition is a big thing. It’s more than just a belief of customs taught by one generation to the next, to us, it’s a time to reflect & appreciate the past, to respect & honor the people, the memories, all while welcoming the present & future. As this holiday season unfolds I am quite excited to carry out the many traditions that have accumulated from childhood to the present. I’ll be sharing a few of these traditions in case some of you may want to adopt a tradition or two, & if you have any traditions you’d like to share, please do! After all, sharing is caring and tis’ the season of giving!

The following tradition occurs while we deck the halls with fa la la la lovlieness all whilst listening & crooning to old holiday tunes. Though this specific cocktail can be enjoyed on countless occasions, I’ve deemed this our holiday decorating cocktail because of the bubbly, vibrant & sprite like feel!  Much like the decorating process! So, without further ado, I give you…..Blitzen12