There is no denying blankets & throws add a cozy element to the home. We all know the warmth and comfort provided when in use and when not in use a blanket ladder is a great solution to keep the home tidy!

There are various blanket ladders ranging in price and vary in style but rather than paying upwards of $50 dollars we opted to make our own for the grand total price of $2.48- the price of our wood! Fortunately, we had everything aside from the wood.  One quick trip to the local Home Depot changed that and we were ready to go!

The dimensions of our ladder is 6 feet tall and 1 foot wide, which is perfect for our space. We recommend you choose your own dimensions. Tailor the ladder to the size of your room and the vertical space available for use.  It makes all the difference. Also, if you have scrap wood definitely try to re-purpose and utilize that wood for a project like this.  Don’t have any extra wood lying around? We’ll let you in on a little tip. Your local Home Depot has a scrap wood section where singular pieces are available at an extreme discounted price.  So if you’re going to purchase wood try that section first, more often than not you will walk away with exactly what you need and for the right price. For this project we purchased one scrap piece ($2.48) made two clean cuts and then we were ready for the fun stuff, assembly!  You too can create a blanket ladder for a reasonable price. Read on for what you’ll need and the process and have fun!


Ladder Essentials

Wood / Paint or Varnish and Paint Brush / Nails (or Wood Glue) & Hammer


Ladder Assembly

  Check out youtube tutorial by  The Sorry Girls  for ladder assembly.

Paint ladder after assembly and allow paint to dry fully.

Drape blankets on ladder and you have yourself a blanket ladder.