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Even in midst of the digital world the coffee table book never seems to loose appeal. The inspiration behind the cover or even the novelty of print may attribute, but whatever the reason, after the good read the book also functions as a decorating accessory that has the ability to beautify the home with a classic and effortless chic vibe.

Over the years our coffee book collection has grown.  Different stacks are dedicated to different interests, dating from recent publications all the way back to the 1960’s.  Some stacks are solely dedicated to Food & Drink,  another stack is dedicated to Travel & Photography, another Beauty & Wellness and another is dedicated to some of my favorite books that have influenced and shaped my decorating taste for my home and wardrobe. These books are listed below and are in no particular order and are great for the someone who seeks to discover their taste.

  1.all in good taste / 2 domino / 3. elements of style / 4. 4.tom ford / 5 the fashion book /  6 black and white a bit inbetween / 7 beaches / 8 styled / 9 chanel

There is no denying blankets & throws add a cozy element to the home. We all know the warmth and comfort provided when in use and when not in use a blanket ladder is a great solution to keep the home tidy! There are various blanket ladders ranging in price and vary in style but rather […]

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        As the summer heat dies down and the night sky creeps in earlier and earlier, I can’t help but buzz with excitement for the coming months. Fall-related activities are filling up our weekend agenda and though it’s not quite sweater weather yet, we’ll look to our bar cart as reminder – which […]

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