Fortunately, living in Southern California, we can opt for a day trip or weekend getaway that leave us feeling as if we’ve escaped to a whole other world when, in reality, we only ventured about 2 hours from home. This is exactly how we felt when we recently returned home from our weekend glamping trip in Malibu. If you’re lucky enough to spend a day or the weekend in the ‘Bu, you’ll want to keep this guide handy and reference during your stay.

Malibu has a sprawling 21 miles of beautiful coastline and much of that coastline consists of beaches. Each beach attracts a variety of individuals. Some are attracted to the surf, volleyball, bird sanctuary’s or scenic rock formations, but whatever the attraction, there’s truly a beach destination for everyone.

Driving North from LA, you’ll see the first beach encountered is Topanga beach. This beach is the just east of the Pacific Palisades neighborhood and is known for attracting surfers, hikers, cyclists and anyone needing a quick dip after navigating through the  massive Topanga State Park located in the the Santa Monica Mountains.  At Topanga beach, the waves break over cobblestones so it is not an ideal swimming spot. Aside from surfing, many visit this beach to scuba dive, fish, and sunbathe.

Other well known beaches that hug the Malibu coastline are SurfriderMalibu Lagoon, Point Dume, Zuma, El Matador, and Leo Carrillo State Park (dog friendly beach!). Of the beaches noted, I really enjoyed El Matador.  A rocky trail descends through a unique eroding bluff then stairs take you the rest of the way to the beach. Stunning sea stacks stick up from beach the surf and if you walk north, small caves and arches are visible in the base where the bluff and the beach meet. It’s best to visit these natural features at low tide, otherwise, they may not be visible or accessible because of the rough surf. If you walk south you’ll pass breathtaking homes as you approach Lechuza Beach. This charming beach is tucked behind homes atop of bluffs, and conveniently just a short walk away from our accommodations for the weekend.

After you’ve worked up your appetite roaming the beautiful beaches, opt for a refreshing cocktail & delicious eats at Nobu, Moonshadows, Dukes Paradise Cove  or Malibu Farm.

While each of those places offers a variety of menu options and caters to different affairs and ambiance, I must say, Malibu Farm, located at the beginning of the Malibu Pier, is one of Malibu’s most memorable restaurants for me, and many others!

Malibu farm Restaurant and Malibu Cafe is not a big corporation or funded by investors they are a locally owned small business. The food is simply prepared, locally sourced so local much of it is sourced from the owners home gardens.  Malibu Farm is big on using whole ingredients and steers away from fake add ins, like margarine, veggie butter, or sugar substitutes. They’re moto is, if you don’t know how to make it, or know where it comes from, don’t eat it and don’t buy it. Eat the real thing, or don’t eat it at all. So, with all this said, go and try it.  During our visit we ordered the crab cakes to start, and salmon & a burger as entrees along with beer & cocktails. The meal was so flavorful and blissfully filling. The local, organic eats, the breathtaking views of the Pacific – it will not disappoint!


If you’re opting for an overnight accommodation, your desired experience will certainly dictate where you’ll choose to stay. Like any place, there are many different lodging options sparsed throughout Malibu, some high-end and some, not so much, but,  if you’re desired experience airs on the side of rustic and being in tune with nature and surrounded by the wide open outdoors, then you’ll want to check out Zuma Sanctuary! We stayed in this communal space in the Lotus Belle Yurt tent for 3 days, 2 nights and our time was nothing short of fabulous.

The Lotus belle Yurt has the stepped up glamour that makes you forget that canvas is the only separating you from the stars at night. A cozy bed and a stylish setting among nature is the perfect place for a getaway. A hot outdoor shower and separate bathroom along with a yoga deck, a lounge deck and BBQ lounge for cooking afford you everything you need to have an incredible *glamping* experience.  Zuma Sanctuary  property has 2 Airstreams and 2 Lotus Belle tents that can be rented separately or all together and the location is  just a short walk to some of Malibu’s best beaches!


 We hope you’ve enjoyed our first installment of  the ‘Bu and what it has to offer. We’re currently working on something that might be a littler more visually appealing about our weekend in ‘Bu and until that’s ready to be shared with the world please use this guide and share friends & family and let us know about your experience too! Until next time, keep exploring!