When it comes to dining out, I’ve come to find that the places that most resonate with me are the places that elevate the dining experience through presentation, details and of course ambiance. As I stepped through the doors of While We Young Were Young, I stepped into the a magical, whimsical, tasteful and elevated experience that left quite the impression on me- and something tells me I’ll be one of many left  smitten with this place.


Bradford is the mastermind behind the stunning Kitchen & Cocktail concept and I was fortunate enough to sit down with him to discuss his inspiration behind While We Were Young. Right off the bat it was easy to see that Bradford’s passion for detail, clean eating & innovative approach has raised the bar and has already turned many heads. Much of his inspiration is derived from memories of his father, South Florida, the beach and emulating his own lifestyle – the things he likes eat, drink, and music he likes to listen to.
Not only was Bradford extremely forthcoming and informative he was also very humble, gracious  & chill. I have no doubt we’ll be seeing more of his talents, but for now, lets focus on this little slice of heaven tucked away in West Village, 83 W 10th St New York, NY 10014


While We Were Young interior design is gorgeous. The clean, crisp white walls, marble bar & table tops perfectly contrasts with the dark floors and pink & plush booths. The brass fixtures add an touch of elegance and soften the mounting and transitions. Fresh flowers and petals adorn the top of the bar and each individual table.  The simple and delicate light fixtures casts a soft glow.  Whether you’re brunching with your babes or on romantic dinner date, though you were together, I can assure you you won’t  forget the rest. 




All the ingredients are fresh & sourced locally. Clean is the concept and clean is what you get- but not lacking in flavor by any means. Each plate is carefully curated with care and the presentation is unique and artfully crafted. Every dish was impeccable. I indulged in the Tuna Tartar with potato crisps, Fried Chicken & Kale Waffles with habanero maple syrup, Truffle Tortellini & and a sophisticated Lavender Key-lime pie with butterfly pea flower syrup , vanilla bean creme fraiche  atop crushed almonds.



The cocktails were so refreshing & innovative. All the bitters are curated in house and not-your-typical ingredients, such as kale, are incorporated into the cocktails. Talk about elevating your experience and taking it up a notch.  I started with the signature cocktail, While We Were Young, Gulped back the Too Good For You, and lingered on the Last Call.

The bartenders were attentive, skilled and super friendly.

It’s nearly impossible to capture (by lens) all the stunning details and stellar ambiance, but  it’s easy to see that While We Were Young has mastered delivering the elevated dining experience.
– Special thank you to Bradford & all the the staff of While We Were Young –