Are you interested in transforming a disheveled boring dresser into an elegant functional bar? Then take a look at the drab to fab tutorial for step by step instructions.

What you’ll need: Sander, Sandpaper, paint (Jade Garden, Benjamin Moore), Varnish , Rag, mini paint roller and your shabby object.   Now’s let’s get started!

Sand your object to strip it of previous paint and stains. Wipe the sanded dust particles off the object to prep for paint.

Project completed 8/11/2011 :

Take the rag and dip a portion into the paint. Gently drag the painted part over the edges of the dresser. For a distressed look, quickly drag the rag in one direction and repeat the motion in the opposite direction. This will leave a somewhat streaky distressed painted look. Do this over the edges until you’ve achieved the look you want. Once you’ve finished the edges it’s time fill in the other surfaces… Grab the roller!

Dip the roller in paint (only a little on one side) and quickly roll the roller in one direction and repeat the motion in the opposite direction.

Continue to dip and roll until you’ve streaked all surfaces and you’ve achieved the look you desire. Let the paint dry and then its time to apply the varnish.

After the paint has dried, paint on the Varnish. Apply it liberally to get good shine. Let the Varnish dry then apply knobs.

I wanted to make this look special, so I stopped in at Anthropologie  and came across these beautiful Mother of Pearl knobs. I had to have them. The rest is history.


So there you have it! A dresser transformed into a bar. Drink it up!