Blazer into Fall

While I wait for the fall temps to make an appearance in SoCal I’ll take any chance I can get to channel some of that New England fall vibe into our little Cali home. No place does fall like New England and I am literally counting the days when I can get my fix (3 days eek!) but for now, decorating our front door stoop will have to do.

Any local super market will have seasonal decor that will help you transform your front porch, door, or stoop but if you want to make a day of it you might find that the farm or the pumpkin patch has more variety and in some cases is more affordable!  I made my way to a local farmers market and plucked a few fairy tale pumpkins and regular pumpkins from the batch.  You may or may not notice the difference but Fairy Tale pumpkins are of heirloom French variety called “Musquee de Provence,” and are nicknamed for their fanciful “fairy tail” appearance.  Deeply ribbed and somewhat flat, this richly-colored squash looks exactly like those depicted in childhood fairy tales like, Cinderella. While I purchased these purely for ornamental use they are vegetables and are very versatile in the kitchen. For now, they are serving their purpose in beautifying our little stoop. I also picked up a few bushels of Chrysanthemum. I love the rich vibrant embellishment they add and  I especially love how effortless they are in upkeep. So easy and functional because I can bring the bushels into the home when guests come over and add a little fall feel into the home.  For those of you on a budget, this little project was price of 4 pumpkin spice lattes, which is roughly $25, which I admit, I totally and sipped on as I shopped. Speaking of shop, you can shop my stoop and this look! This fall the printed flats are back in full force and nothing speaks class more than a buttoned up blazer. So why not Blaze your way into fall and beautify you & your stoop? I get commission for purchases or clicks made through links in this post.

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