As the summer heat dies down and the night sky creeps in earlier and earlier, I can’t help but buzz with excitement for the coming months. Fall-related activities are filling up our weekend agenda and though it’s not quite sweater weather yet, we’ll look to our bar cart as reminder – which has us falling for fall over & over again.

      I’m head over heels in love with the glamour of a put together bar cart. With a handful of essentials & a few decorative touches you too can create one that suites your space. It won’t be long before your cart becomes a classic piece that immediately welcomes your guests and couples as a decorative accent for whatever the season may be.

      Texture, color & pattern come into play when styling the cart but the trick is to divide the bar cart into zones and dedicate each zone to a specific essential. Whether it’s glassware, bottles or your own brass menagerie you’ll be simultaneously stylish and organized. Try to mix in the old – vintage crystal glassware, books, corkscrews – with the new, coasters, straws, fun bottles of water, seasonal flowers & of course anything festive to the time of the year. I like to infuse a balance of masculine old-fashioned spirits along with floral mixers and flirty bubbles to add a feminine touch.

       Much like your home your cart should be built for your needs, the beverages you like to drink & that you can serve without a hitch. Build upon what you already have & don’t feel the need to run out & break the bank to fill your cart with what you think you should have, but rather, carefully think about what you will be serving & what aligns with your taste. Don’t forget to infuse your cart with own personal flare & style- this is what makes it special! Sip on this perfect  no fuss fall libation as you prep your home for the autumn season!

Pretty soon it’ll be time transition into the winter season – we can’t wait to spruce up the cart for holiday season! Check out The Jolly Bar-Cart from last Holiday, we can’t wait to deck it out again this holiday season!