There two things that I will forever  indulge in in complete and utter excess. The first, coffee. The second, flowers. Put them together and you’ve connected with me on a whole new level. Flowers & Coffee, Coffee & Flowers – I’ve embraced it in all forms! Buds, beans & all!

For all you ladies who can relate, you’ll definitely want to visit the coastal Flower Field Ranch in Carlsbad, California. The coastal farm transforms 50 acres of coastal farmland into a budding oasis of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus. The flower fields cover a rolling hillside overlooking the the pacific coast and for appropriately 10 weeks of spring, March 1st through May 14th,  the public can view the blooms.  Coffee in hand and flowers on the brain and a short car ride later I found myself standing in field of budding beauties that seemed to stretch on forever. Speaking of forever, the top I’m wearing is the Contemporary Striped Top  from Forever21 – the fit: flowey, the stripe is right, so is the price!