Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Normally I’m not really into the hype of Valentine’s Day but I am into the hype of having an excuse to make a bomb dessert and feel little to no guilt about not having leftovers. Oddly, I have no shame and this tends to happen with this recipe. So if you’re still searching for a little something to make for your valentine, family, friends, co-workerss, who-ev-a, this Heart in the Clouds edible valentine treat is a sure thing!

One thing you should know is this recipe has three parts-

First – get your no bake crust together

Second – whip up some home made whipped cream

Third – slice up some fresh strawberries and construct, what I call, Heart in the Clouds…

To get started, get the no bake crust together. Once the crust is done, cool completely. As you wait for the crust to cool whip together the whipped cream and slice the washed strawberries. Make sure you cut the strawberries horizontally so you’ll get the heart shape!



After the crust is set, cream is whipped and strawberries are sliced, it’s time to construct!

Layer the bottom of your dish with crust then whipped cream.


Grab a chunk of crust and crumble the crust over the whipped layer. Try to distribute evenly.


Add another layer of whipped cream, only this time layer the whipped cream over the crumbled crust. Feel free to repeat crust layering and whipped cream process, just make sure you have enough whipped cream for the top layer.


Layer the last bit of whipped cream over the crust layer.


Now you can apply the strawberry hearts. Place the strawberry hearts horizontal, facing opposite direction every other one.


Apply the strawberry hearts until the cake is covered and eat your heart out!