Kale chips are crispy, delicious, nutritious chips that’ll keep your waist trim, protect you from prostate and colon cancer (other great health benefits) and keep your taste buds satiated.  After trying a sample at the store I was hooked but I wasn’t hooked enough to dish out $6.99 for a small bag so I opted to purchase a fresh bushel ($2.99) and attempt to make my own. I liked the final product so much that I plan on experimenting with different spices and potential flavors.

In order to receive the maximum health benefits and still get the constancy of a chip I would recommend dehydrating the kale. This process leeches the moisture out of the plant without compromising the nutrients. When you bake kale a lot of the nutrients vanishes but if you don’t have a dehydrator,  baking might be your only option. Either way you’re definitely taking a healthier route by eating kale chips compared to the conventional processed chips.

What you’ll need to bake / dehydrate kale : Salt (or other various spices you prefer), olive oil, kale, dish towels for drying, oven for baking, cookie sheet, or a dehydrator.


First thing soak / wash the kale squeaky clean then spread it out on a towel to dry. Kale1

Feel free to pat the kale to speed up the drying process but just make sure you’re thorough because any water residue will cause the kale to steam rather than bake ( if you’re baking).


After all the kale is dry,  grab one leaf and start to tear the leaf away from the stem.


Continue to tear all the leaf off until you’re just left with the stem. Set the stem aside and continue until all the kale is de-stemmed.



If you’re dehydrating the kale you’ll want to massage the olive oil and put the seasoning on the kale before you put the kale on the dehydrator rack. If you’re baking the kale, spread the kale onto the cookie sheet.



Drizzle olive oil over the kale on the cookie sheet. kale8


Massage the olive oil drops on the pan into the kale leaves until all the kale leaves are covered.


Sprinkle salt (or other spices) over the oiled kale.


When dehydrating the kale, dehydrate at 145F for the first hour. For the second hour dehydrate at 115F.  When you’re baking the kale, put the seasoned kale into the oven at 325 degrees for 12-15 minutes.  Once the time is up take the kale out of the oven to avoid burning. You can enjoy the kale right out of the oven or you can store in a dry place and eat later.


Dehydrated kale and baked kale results. You’ll notice the dehydrated kale still looks green, that’s a good thing!



Bon a’petite!