Pop the bubbly! 2017 is nearly over and what are year it has been. With each year, every day of the year holds a chance to renew ourselves, but there is something about the changing over of the calendar year, that stokes the inner fire. It causes us to reflect and it requests of us to do better, to improve upon our last year’s adventures and discoveries. Maybe you’ve already started to write up a new years resolution list  or maybe don’t believe in that sort of thing, either way, whatever your outlook, for you, we wish a year full of great successes, small failures, and sights unseen. Here’s to you discovering your own strength and grace. Looking back, 2017 brought us to many new shorelines and mountain tops, kept our bellies and glasses full with delight and our gaze fixed forward at ever evolving horizons. It was a year full of personal and professional growth and it was a year filled with life and laughter living out our dreams and reaching forward to find new dreams come to light. We are so grateful for what 2017 brought to us and we’re even more excited for what lies ahead, and to help us navigate we create a list to hold ourselves accountable. This year, I’m sharing this list to inspire you to get started on your very own! So, let’s raise a glass and toast to the year past and remember that everyday you can explore the unknown, dabble in the creative and banter about the beauty of life along the way. Cheers!
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