notes, write that down

the reality is sometimes there just isn’t enough time to complete every task every single day. the last thing you want to do is throw yourself into a new project, work assignment or life venture just to check it off the list – the results of this may not be as good due to lack of organization, thorough planning and dedication. prioritize what’s truly important to you and then write it down or stick it on your calendar or put it in a planner- or do all three.

what works for me is writing/scheduling everything down. i have two planners, one serves a free-for-all scribble note book where I jot down ideas, inspiration, to-do’s and potential anything, then the other planner serves as my passion planner, a solidified planner where I prioritize all the scribbles. sometimes I’ll use free download and print pages from the Passion Planner for a more orderly approach.

after you’ve formulated a list, try to strike 3-5 items off a day.  sometimes it helps to start off with the most dreaded tasks and other times its easier to get the smaller ones out of the way- whatever works, just as long as you do the work! sometimes you aren’t sure where to start, refer to the Pomodoro technique for a little boost on how to manage time and be efficient with the little time you have.

are there specific techniques that work for you? if so, i would love to hear about them, please share!


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