Queue the holiday flick(s), dim the lights, stoke the fire, slip into your favorite pj’s & become one with the couch as you sip and savor the old yule dessert cocktail. This coffee based cocktail manifested itself into existence two years ago when we lived in Boston and we were snowed in for days. It is now our go to dessert cocktail when we have our traditional holiday movie marathon, which entails a lot of movie watching but no snow! Below is a list of our top ten holiday flicks (in no particular order) which grows with the years. Feel free to recommend something you don’t see below, I’m always up for a new flick!


The Christmas Story


A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Family Stone

White Christmas

Home Alone (all of them!)

National Lampoon’s Christmas

Love Actually

The Holiday

Bridgette Jones’s Diary (1 & 2)


A little tip for all you late night gift wrappers, hostesses & hosts…one of these cocktails will sustain you just enough to get everything done but not so much that you’ll be up all night! Happy watching, prepping & yuling!