Two years ago I indulged in my first Pitaya bowl. Initially, I was intrigued by the taste & pretty pink texture, then I discovered all the health benefits and was immediately a Pitaya bowl convert. I’ve highlighted some of the health benefits of Pitaya below. Those alone may be enough to convert you, but if you’re still skeptical there’s a pretty awesome Pitaya  bowl recipe below – give it a piTRYa!


Active Antioxidants

Rids the body of free radicals and cancer-producing properties, Pitaya is giving acai berries a run for their money


Heart Healthy

Decreases bad cholesterol & replenishes good levels- great source of monounsatured fats, helping the heart stay in great condition


Full of Fiber & Fights Diabetes

The high fiber content will clean up your digestive system and helps regulate blood sugar levels by suppressing sugar spikes


 Reduces Signs of Aging

The rich antioxidants can keep the skin taught and young. You can make a face mask using the fruit with honey – a nature alternative to anti-aging masks 


Suppresses Arthritis

Pitaya is commonly referred to as the “anti-inflammatory fruit”



This Pitaya (Dragon Fruit) Smoothie Bowl is a vibrant, healthy & pretty way to fuel your body.


Smoothie Bowl:

6 ounces frozen pitaya (dragon fruit)

½ cup Coconut Juice or Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk Cashewmilk Blend

½ banana (preferably frozen)

1 cup pineapple chunks (preferably frozen)

1 cup mango chunks (preferably frozen)



Sliced Almonds


Granola Vanilla Almond

Cacao Nibs



Place smoothie bowl ingredients in blender and process until smooth, set aside. Drain a coconut, crack it, put the smoothie filling inside each coconut and add toppings to your heart’s desire. Indulge!