Project Black and White

When I was a teeny bopper my mom splurged on some nice pottery barn furniture . 10 years later I still have it and still like it, but I’m not a teenager anymore so I thought it would be a good idea to touch up the furniture to accommodate my style and age.

To be honest, I have no idea where this idea came from, but to say the least the inspiration was sorely needed and I’m happy to say that my living room is no longer stuck in puberty. Anyway, if you’re into something a little different you’ll like this.

What I needed for project black and white: sandpaper, black paint (any brand will work), a small paintbrush, towel

First I put the sand paper to the area I wanted to paint. Once I finished sanding I wiped the furniture down to free it of any loose sand particles.  I tackled the console an edge at a time.  It takes a steady hand and some patience to get this done without getting the paint everywhere so keep that in mind. You might even want to tape the edges (like you would tape trim) to speed up the process and keep your paint lines clean.



Now that I had finished a few coats on the TV console I moved on to the entryway cabinet. I used the same concept on the cabinet.


Need hardware? Do you know of Anthropologie? If not, make it happen, you won’t be disappointed.   After what seemed like an hour I finally decided to go with the Gleam Theory Knobs and yet again, Anthro came through in a big way.


Last thing I needed to do was take the old hardware off the console and cabinet and apply the new hardware. Overall I really like the black, white and gold contrast.  The concept was really easy and I’m happy with the fact that my living room looking a little more grown up.





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