Physical self-care is the most common form of self-care. You might know it in the form of a regular exercise routine, intentional  & mindful eating, taking a hot bath, getting a spa treatment, getting your nails done, or, in the form of  physical affirmations, such as admiring at least one physical aspect of your body and thanking your body for everything it is and does for you. When you exercise physical self-care on a consistent basis you respect your body, you increase your confidence,  you maintain health &  radiate !

Life can get crazy and trying to fit it all in can be challenging but if you make the time to do all of these things daily, well maybe don’t take a hot bath everyday, but maybe once a week, your body will thank you.  Perhaps soaking in a hot bath isn’t your thing or maybe you don’t have time, or maybe you’ve never really truly given it a second thought, but I assure you, once you give it shot [and do it right] and truly soak it all in you may find you’ll want to make it more routine.


Bubbles & Bliss

 This is your time unwind, dissolve into your thoughts, schlep off the old, renew… & relax.  Music, tea, candles, essential oils, organic soaps, sponges, bubbles, bliss ! Do it right.


Soak Time 
Try the tea cup method. Sit back, soak, breath & enjoy your piping hot caffeine free tea. Once your tea is gone, soap up a lather and drain it all away. Lately my go to is a Caffeine free Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea- you can find it at Trader Joes.
In the next few weeks we’re going to be discussing the 4 other aspects of self-care:
Intellectual self-care
Emotional self-care
Social self-care
Spiritual self-care
Stay Tuned!