I’ve wanted to make an “Ombré ” cake for quite some time. With Easter a few days away I thought it would be fitting to whip up something fun and different for all to enjoy. The Ombré cake process wasn’t as laborous as I anticipated so if you’re looking to change things up in the kitchen, I highly recommend giving this a shot. You can get as creative as you want by trying out different colors and cake molds etc, this time around I figured I would use colors that remind me of Easter and spring.. Pink Pastels.

I adapted my self rising yellow cake recipe from King Arthur Flour then just added food coloring for the ombré effect. If you’re not into baking a cake from scratch go for the cake mix in a box / food coloring approach.

What you’ll need to make an ombré cake: white cake batter, food coloring, containers, cake pans, oven, icing

Start out by making the cake batter.




Now that the cake batter is made, grab several containers and evenly distribute the cake batter into the separate containers. You ready to get your ombré on? Select  your shade of food coloring and add the coloring to the batter, progressively making each cake batter darker.





Once you’re all set with the coloring, dish out the different shades of cake batter into seperate baking sheets and bake.

As soon as the cakes are cooled, the ombré cake can be assembled. I wanted to go from light to dark (bottom – up) so I used the lightest color cake for the base. Ice the top of the cake then stack the next cake on top of the iced cake. Ice the top of that cake layer and repeat this method until all the layers of cake are stacked lightest cake to dark, or vice versa.




Finish icing the cake and then serve! Bon Appétit